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Press Photos of the Manor

NOTE: The photos are high resolution, and it might take a while for them to download.


  • trappor_upp_mauritzberg
  • trappan_tavla_mauritzberg
  • slottstrappan_mauritzberg
  • slottet_mauritzberg_damm
  • slottet_mauritzberg
  • rum_26_Mauritzberg
  • roda_rummet_mauritzberg
  • Musirummet_mauritzberg
  • Mkva 6 sidpanel 50x35cm
  • mauritzberg_roda_rummet

Press Photos of the Golf Course and the Sea

NOTE: The photos are high resolution and it might take a while for them to download.


  • villor2_mauritzberg
  • villor_golf_mauritzberg
  • tomt_utsikt_mauritzberg
  • terassen_mauritzberg
  • swing_mauritzberg
  • Soluppgang_mauritzberg
  • Putting_mauritzberg
  • oversik_golf_mauritzberg
  • ostra_terassen_mauritzberg
  • mauritzberg_Panorama_4000

Mauritzberg in the Press

Newspapers and Journals (In Swedish)

- Mauritzbergs golfbana i Norrköpings tidningar 2009-06-09
- Mauritzbergs golfbana i Folkblandet 2009-05-14
- Inga Lindström filmades på Mauritzberg Norrköpings tidningar 2009-07-14
- Mauritzbergs Marina i Norrköpings tidningar 2009-02-25 och i Folkbladet 2009-02-25

On the Web

- Mauritzberg på Bobmen Report 2010

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