Your own Boat Berth close to Your Villa and the Golf Course

Mauritzberg, Bråviken bay and its vast expanse of waters together create an ideal site for a marina and guest harbour, where both owners of Mauritzberg villas and other sailors can purchase mooring berths. You can easily approach the marina from the main waterways in the Baltic Sea. The Göta Channel, St. Anna Archipelago, Arkösund and Oxelösund are all close by.

Mauritzberg plot owners have the option to rent a berth for their boats.

When complete, the marina will also be a guest harbour for any visitors who are interested in coming to Mauritzberg by boat.

Find your Way by Sea to Mauritzberg

You can come to Mauritzberg by boat even though the marina is still being developed. Sailors will need Swedish coastal map no. 72 or archipelago map 621. The coordinates for the pier are 58° 36´ 22" / 16° 40´ 49".
The depth of the quay is around 2.2 metres and the quay is equipped with clean water and electricity.
There is currently capacity for 30 boats on two piers.

Mauritzbergs Guest Pier


Prices for Mauritzberg Guest Pier

Docking fee 200 SEK ~ 25 Euro per night.

Docking is free for our hotel and dinner guests.
Please contact us if you wish to make a reservation
for a berth and/or for dinner.

Please refer to the opening hours.
Come and visit Mauritzberg by boat!

Mauritzbergs Future Marina


Location and Equipment

The marina will be situated close to the manor. It will provide berths for approximately 100 medium-sized and bigger sailing and motor boats.

All the technical equipment will be available for the marina's guests. In addition, you will have access to fresh water, and the Internet from your own berth. There will also be a sauna, showers, a laudry room and parking close by. You will also be able to empty your boat's sewage tank in an environmentally friendly way.

The depth of the berths will be 2-3.2 m.

The price of the berths will be between 3500-9000 SEK per season depending on the size of the boat.


Mauritzberg received the authorization to build the marina on the 10th of February 2009.

Welcome to Mauritzbergs Guest Pier !

Find your way to Mauritzberg by Boat


Sjökort Mauritzbergs Slottsbrygga

Download the map PDF>>



If you are interested in finding out more about the marina project or the Guest Pier, do not hesitate to contact marina(a)

Mauritzberg AB
Mauritsbergsvägen 5
61031 Vikbolandet, Norrköping

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