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Scandinavian nature with forests, fields and meadows, a baroque manor and the seashore only metres away... 

Living away from the hassle of everyday life but with all modern comforts is something we wish to offer our guests who fall in love with Mauritzberg and decide to stay permanently. A golf course next to your garden and a boat only metres away in Mauritzberg's own marina is something many can only dream of. We can offer a way of living that is new and unique in Sweden. We call it "Det goda livet" in Swedish, which means "the good life". You are warmly welcome to become a member of our community!


The plots are located within a radius of 500 metres from the manor in the district of Vikbolandet, which is in the municipality of Norrköping. The sea shore is only 150-300 metres from the plots. The beautiful little village of Östra Husby is only 8 km away and offers all the services you need.

Mauritzberg is only 140 km from Stockholm, and 60 km from Skavsta Airport. Norrköping is 30 km away.

The plots are generous in size, easy to take care of and positioned convenietly providing you with privacy. All are connected to the municipal water and sewage system, and the television, telephone and Internet are delivered through a fibre optic connection.



In order to facilitate your building process, we have carefully selected several attractive house designs from which to choose from. All have been specially designed for the size of our plots and follow the detailed plan's recommendations. 

In case you wish to build your own dream house, the regulations state that you are allowed to build a villa with a maximum area of 150 m² and a maximum height of 4,5 m. The house may have two storeys.

All the building regulations are clearly stated in the detailed plan and should you have any further questions you can always contact the authorities in Norrköping (Byggnadsnämdskontoret) who can inform you of the regulations you must observe when building your own villa.

With the purchase of a plot, you receive the to play on Mauritzberg's own golf course. Furthermore, you are offered the option of acquiring a berth for a boat in the marina.

Do you wish to have a look at the plots that are still available? If so, please contact Juha Lipsanen (tel: +46 11-444 69 05 or e-mail He will be happy to show you around.

Living in Mauritzberg within easy reach of Services

Living in Mauritzberg with all Services

A comfortable life requires modern amenities. Mauritzberg is located in the countryside but due to its closeness to the charming village of Östra Husby all the services you need are close by. The ICA Supermarket, pharmacy, health centre and post office are only 8 km away, and the city of Norrköping is 30 km away.

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