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At Mauritzberg you are offered to choose anything between the luxury rooms in the main buildning of the Manor and the Guestt houses with self catering. 


Main Building

The individually designed, romantic rooms in the main building all come with modern amenities. Their elegant and harmonious furnishings respect the historic surroundings and guarantee a relaxing stay.

South and North Wings

The south wing was originally the home of the manor's gardener, accountant, driver and housekeeper.
Today, the wings form part of the hotel and have comfortable single and double rooms and a suite named after Ebba Grip.

Take a closer look and choose your dream room.

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Lodge Villas

The lodge villas are perfect for groups. Read more >>>


Guest Houses

The new and lovely decorated Guest houses are recommended. Read more >>>



  • Wedding Suite


    Wedding Suite

    The manor´s most beautiful bedroom is the Rococo-style wedding suite on the first floor. Its most precious objects include the chandelier and tiled stove with flower figures, which was most likely manufactured by Rörstrand, the second oldest porcelain manufacturer in Europe.

    The painting "Woman in Medieval Dress" is by Josef Malmberg. He studied at art school for four years and afterwards specialized in biblical themes. On graduating, he taught painting at a high school in Uppsala. This beautiful bedroom also has a little office, which was previously used as a dressing room.

    Category: Suite

  • Heidenstam Room


    Heidenstam Room

    This room has impressive views over Bråviken bay and Ekeblad's old oak tree, which has been standing for hundreds of years in the garden at the rear of the manor. Visitors staying in the room can also catch a glimpse of the chapel in the distance.

    The room is named after the poet and novelist Verner von Heidenstam, who used to stay overnight in this room when visiting his friend Birger Mörner, one of the manor´s previous owners. It was here that von Heidenstam wrote part of his novel "Karolinerna".

    Legend has it that this comfortable room is also the home of a friendly ghost, "Lilla Grå", who moves around the manor switching off lights and moving pillows. He especially enjoys the bed in this room and leaves wrinkles on the bedspread.

    Category: Double Room Premium

  • Blue Room

    Blue Room

    This romantic and spacious suite is on the ground floor and has a magical view over Bråviken bay. The room is decorated in a floral style and has lace curtains. This premium double room is ideal for couples wanting to celebrate a silver wedding anniversary.

    There used to be a huge bathtub made of Kolmården marble in what is now the little annex room and hot water would stay warm in it for hours. Unfortunately the tub had to be removed because the floor underneath could not bear the heavy weight of the tub.

    Category: Double Room Premium.

  • Red Room

    Röda Rummet

    Red Room

    This tastefully designed suite on the ground floor of the main building could actually be called the "pink room" because of the colour of the wallpaper. The beautiful mirror hanging on the wall is a counterpart to the bigger one at the entrance to the manor. They are both decorated with scallop motifs typical of the Rococo style and divided into two panes of glass.

    The view from the room looks out over Bråviken bay and the manor's park. While relaxing on the bed, you can let your imagination run free by admiring the beautiful ceiling decoration of "heaven". Another similar piece of artwork can be found elsewhere in the manor. Can you find it?

    This room also has a portrait of the manor's owner, Liisa Lipsanen, in her younger days. The portrait has been placed in this room as she regards this room  as a great source of inspiration and creativity.

    Category: Double Room Premium

  • Golden Room

    Gula Rummet

    Golden Room

    The Golden Room is a spacious double room on the ground floor of the main building with beautiful views and a real castle atmosphere. There is a terrace near the room from where you can admire the stunning views across Bråviken bay.

    The Golden Room's most impressive feature is the old tiled stove which stands on a wooden base. In 1760 it became illegal in Sweden to have stoves on a wooden plinth because of the risk of fire.

    The tiled stove was manufactured by Mariebergs ceramics factory, which operated in Sweden from 1758-1788. The rest of the room is decorated in a style in keeping with the 19th century.

     Category: Double Room Premium

  • Ebba Grip Room

    Ebba Grip Room

    The Ebba Grip Room is cosy and light and especially popular with families with children. It has a bedroom, a livingroom  and separated shower and toilet.

    Baroness Ebba Grip lived from 1583 to 1666, and it was she who changed the estate's name from Björsätter to Mauritzberg in memory of her father. Ebba Grip lost her parents when she was only 9 years old and was brought up by her grandmother and learned to manage property from an early age.

    Category: Double Premium

  • Double Room Standard


    Double Room Standard


    These cosy double rooms are decorated in blue and one of them offers a great view over Bråvikens blue waters. They are located in either the north or the south wing.

    Category: Double Room Standard

  • Small Double Room


    Small Double Room

    In the south wing there are seven small double rooms with a views of the park. They all have two beds and a modern interior. The rooms are all equipped with a shower, toilet and television.

    These rooms provide excellent value for money and visitors still have access to the manor's beautiful salons.

    The south wing was originally the home of the manor's gardener, accountant, driver and housekeeper.

    Category: Small Double Room

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