Owners of the Manor Down Through the Ages

1565–1592 Councillor and Colonel Mauritz Birgersson Grip, who was married to Countess Edla Stensdotter Lewenhaupt.

1666–1672 Ebba Grip’sdaughter, Elisabeth Banér, who was married to the county governor Baron Erik Sparre, started building the original main building.

1666-1672 Daughter Elisabeth Banér, married to the county governor baron Erik Sparre, started building the original main building.

1672–1682 Claude Roquette, who was raised to nobility as Hägerstierna, finished the construction of the main building.

1682–1697 Christina Hägerstierna, who was married to the envoy Count Johan Ekeblad

1697–1737 Councillor and Field Marshal Count Claes Ekeblad, who was married to Hedvig Mörner, rebuilt the manor in 1725 after the Russians burned it down during the war in 1719.

1737–1753 Colonel Count Christer Ekeblad.

1753–1763 General Count Claes Christopher Ekeblad, who was married to Barbro Oxenstierna of Korsholm and Vasa.

1763–1769 Chamberlain Gerard G. de Besche, the owner of Näfveqvarns Works on the other side of Bråviken bay and many other estates.

1769–1778 His daughter, Helena Christina, who was married to General Christian Joachim Klingspor.

1778–1814 Cavalry Captain Gert Adolf Kligspor, who was married to his cousin, Katarina Maria de Besche.

1814–1836 Judge Advocate Otto Didrik Wästfeldt, who was married to Ulrika Maria de Wahl.

1836–1847 Lieutenant Baron Conrad Ribbing, who was married to Eva Aurora Reuterskiöld of Gimo and Rånäs.

1847–1848 Wholesaler Johannes Wikström from Valdemarsvik.

1848–1856 Secretary of State Gustaf Norström.

1856–1860 Cavalry Captain Lars Carl Fabian af Segerström, who was married to Hilda Octavia Geijer.

1860–1891 District Judge Otto Johan Frithiof Holm.

1891–1904 Wood sellers J.A. Samuelsson and P.J. Petterson.

1904–1912 Count Christer Bonde.

1912–1918 Writer and Diplomat Count Birger Mörner.

1918–1921 Wholeseller Erik Asp.

1921–1924 Chamberlain Rudolf Ahsell.

1924–1932 Lawyer Helmer Alsom Sjöberg.

1932–1942 Sara Johanna “Hanna” Lindmark, born Nilsdotter, who ran the Margareta schools all over Sweden.

1942–1947 Estate Owner John Eriksson and Captain Ahlsell. They sold one third of the estate’s fixtures.

1947–1979 Factory owner Axel Holstensson of Luxor Industri AB used the manor as a vacation home for Luxor’s employees.

1979–1986 Zanda AB, used the manor as a venue for organized courses.

1986–1990 Real Estate Broker Per Iwers ran the manor as a treatment home. 

1990– Economist Liisa Lipsanen and Mauritzberg AB renovated and restored the manor into a hotel and conference centre, which has recently been extended with a golf course and plots for villas. The manor has become the heart of Mauritzberg Golf Resort.

The History of the Manor

According to history books from the 16th century, the estate on which the manor stands was originally called Björsätter. At that time, these vast lands were owned by Birger Nilsson Grip, who was a descendant of Bo Jonsson Grip, one of the greatest landowners in Sweden’s history. He owned one-third of all the land in Sweden and the whole of Finland, which at that time was part of the Swedish empire. The estate was inherited by Birger’s son, Councillor of State Mauritz Birgersson, after whose death in 1592 it was passed on to his daughter, Ebba. She named the property “Mauritzberg” after her father.

The north wing, the oldest part of the manor, most likely dates from this period.

In 1670, Erik Sparre started the construction of the main building, which was completed by Queen Christina´s court tailor, Claude Roquette, who was later awarded a peerage as Count Hägerstierna.

The son of Hägerstierna's daughter, Count Claes Ekeblad, and his wife Hedvig Mörner were the owners of the Manor in 1719, when it was attacked and burned down by the Russians.

The reconstruction of the manor was finished in 1725. The manor has recently been restored in keeping with its original appearance.

Many people have owned the manor over the course of time. One of the most famous was the writer, minister and explorer Count Birger Mörner, who lived in the manor from 1912 to 1918. During his period as owner, the regular visitors included several well-known people from Sweden’s cultural circles. One of them, poet and novelist Verner von Heidenstam, visited Mauritzberg Manor so often that one of the rooms on the first floor was named after him.

In 1990, the manor was purchased by the Finnish company Style Invest Oy, owned by Liisa Lipsanen. She is currently turning the manor and its grounds into a luxury golf and sea resort.

Liisa Lipsanen
Liisa Lipsanen.
Inga Lindström
The popular German television film series Inga Lindström was shot in Mauritzberg in 2009, 2010 and 2012.
Mauritzberg's golf course was opened on the 19th of May 2009.
Mauritzberg received its own coat of arms in September 2002.
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