Day conference with beautiful views

In particular, not much is needed. To make a small take-off with the staff of the day, socialize in other ways, plan and educate themselves in more tranquil surroundings than those you meet in daily, makes it much more recepent to information and ideas spurts. Did you know that even the car journey to the conference is part of the team building?

We help you personalize your meeting or conference!

Short facts

Morning Coffee 60 kr
Afternoon Coffee 60 kr
Lunch 135 KR
3-Course Dinner 440 KR

Greve Bondes Sal 2500 kr
Brå Vikssalongen 1800 KR
Mörnerroom 1200 kr
Free Group Room

Prices excl. VAT Vat

Daytime conference

A conference for a day

24 hours conference

Conference with overnight stay


We have facilities to suit all parties