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The attractive green fee rates and golf packages make that you always want to come back to Mauritzberg and our nice and easy-to-walk 18-hole course.

We have dynamic pricing, which means that the green fee rate depends on the time of the season, what time of day you want to play and when you book.

Welcome to Sweetspot, our new booking system

From the golf season 2021, Sweetspot is our system supplier for booking golf. It is basically a business platform built on the needs of a golf club. As a member, guest or partner, you will have a smoother booking experience, the members get communication in the app and that it gives the administration a better tool for creating accessibility for members, guests and partners.

Each start time will have a value, where the most coveted times will have the highest price.

Bookings can be done on our web by using the button BOOK GOLF and in the app of Sweetspot (welcome to download it!).

Golf Packages

Combine the golf round with a golf package at the Manor House, in on of its wings, lodge villa or guest house. Or why not with a dinner at the Manor House? 


Book your start time

Booking of the start time is easiest on our web by clicking on the button BOOK GOLF.

If you prefer personal service, you can call us at TFN. 011-444 69 00 or send us an e-mail to

Special offers and other discounted green fee rates cannot be combined.

High occupancy days are allowed only quad balls and the reception can move booked players up to 20 minutes in order to replenish and open up balls.

Rates are subject to availability and are subject to change without notice.

Public holidays and red days are subject to weekend rates (Friday-Sunday).


Golf Car, 18 holes 450 SEK
Pre-booking necessary

3-wheeled manual trolley 50 SEK

Range balls, 30 balls for 30 SEK
These can be paid by debit card and mobile phone directly on the ball dispenser.
The rank closes every week at noon. 18.00 on Monday and reopened at. 10.00 on Tuesday.

Golf Set, 18 holes 250 SEK
Pre-booking necessary


Payment of green Fees

You will be offered a discount, if you pay the green fee at the time you do the online booking. If you prefer to pay on the day of play at our reception, this is also possible. 

Greenfee checks are carried out regularly. The one who is caught is required to pay double green fees and be reported to the home club.

Discount and introductory card

Mauritzbergs Slott & Golf does not participate in the exchange of SGF’s introductory cards. Only the SGFs award card is valid for one game per year.

We do not have any active agreements. I.e. SGF’s green fee and MoreGolf checks, Supergolf, Golfhäftet and Viasat do not apply at our resort.

The golf course

An easy-to-walk 18 hole course


An elegant and historic building

Green fee & bookings

Attractive green fee rates


A membership that’s suits you

Golf lessons

Beginners such as experienced golfers welcome


Have fun and get to know other golfers