Mauritzberg development

Join the story, starting 1990, when Finnish Liisa Lipsanen bought the property after falling in love with the Manor House and its surroundings.

Here you can also read about Mauritzberg’s relationship to Norway during the Second World War and the Finnish designer Kaisa Blomstedt, who designed much of the beauty that you can find at the resort.

Join our interesting modern history!

The Norwegian memorial stone

The memorial stone is an official thank you from Norway to Sweden for the military assistance given during the latter half of the Second World War.

Mauritzbergs Manor House is an important place in Norway’s history of war. Between 1943 and 1945 approximately 1.300 Norwegians were trained for service in the Norwegian Navy, the coastal artillery and the merchant Nortraship. It was the world’s largest shipping company during the Second World War and was of great significance for Norway as well as the Allied war efforts. They were trained and equipped with Swedish military assistance under the guidance of the “port policemen”. It was a unique part of the large project of the “police troops” – a secret Norwegian army in Sweden. By the time of the Peace of May 1945, the army consisted of over 15.000 Norwegians at some 20 locations around Sweden. Mauritzberg Manor House was one of the camps.

At Mauritzberg, 100 men were also trained as signalists, radio technicians and operators. These staffs were very important for liaison services, such as internal communications in connection with the peace, monitoring Finland and the intelligence service.

The memorial stone was unveiled on June, 11th 2018 as a 75-year mark of when the initiative with the “police troops” began in Sweden and when the military operations were developed at Mauritzberg. On the memorial stone is a chain that comes from the Norwegian Royal Ship. It is from the Norwegian King’s ship which was donated to King Haakon VII by the Norwegian people in 1947 on his 75th birthday. The ship was renamed “Norway” and launched in 1948. It is still used today by the Norwegian Royal Family.

Read more about the memorial stone and history in Swedish.

2015 until today


The Manor House
• The old mill was rebuilt into a hotel suite.
• The hotel reception was rebuilt and is now a bar. The entire lobby was repainted with stucco lustro.
• The hotel doors were modernized with code locks, leading to smoother check-in.
• The Jägarsalen was redecorated.
• The various restaurants and banquet halls in the Manor House got a common name, restaurant Silverklippan.


The Manor House
• Renovation of the bathroom in the wedding suite, Bröllopssviten.
• The Blue room (Blårummet) was redecorated.
• Approved building permit. The old mill will be converted into a luxury suite.
• Refurnishing and investment of the kitchen in the Manor House with, amongst others, the purchase of new coolers and improved working environment.

Resort and infrastructure
• Inauguration of the Norwegian memorial stone.
• New parcelling of nine plots on Grips väg and one plot on the Ribbings väg.
• The detailed plan change, which has entered into force in October 2018, is very positive as it offers further and more attractive opportunities to build through more generous building regulations.

• Extension of the permit for the construction of the new marina, dredging and dumping of dredging masses.

• The Bistro Lounge is inaugurated and new furniture for the terrace.
• Automated and modern information screens.
• Investment of Fairwaymower.
• Automation of some of our services, including new automatic machine for reservations and payments of greenfees with Swish and the ability to print scorecards.
• Collaboration with the Swedish Golf Federation´s development of  dynamic pricing on prepaid bookings.
• As the resort becomes cash-free, a new point of sales system is purchased and Contractless payments are introducted.


• Renovation (Stucco Lustro technology) of bathrooms in red, yellow and blue rooms
• Renovation and renewal of the interior design by Ebba Grips Gemak
• New bar “Little Grey” in the north wing
• New lighting for the party room in the gallery
• Basic repairs of damage to the castle’s large jetty
• New plaster for mill-building
• Improvement of polishing injuries on the bridge to the castle
• Window renovation on the castle’s southern façade
• Reinforcement of the Promenade with rocks


• Renovation of rooms 25 and 26 in the north wing
• Renovation of Room 20 in the south wing
• Installation of muffler in Silver saloon
• Façade renovation on the south side of the castle

• Renovation of the kitchen in Ebba Grips Bistro
• Refurbishment of the machine Hall
• Installation of the vending machine at the rank.
• Construction of Practice Area (card game)
• Ditch cleaning on holes 1, 3, 5 and 9
• Drainage of holes 7, 9, 13 and 17
• H30 was held during the Swedish Championship week in Östergötland
• Final Swedish Golf Association’s Senior Tour

Resort and infrastructure
• Mauritzbergs VA-association water and sewage plant for 130 plots at Kolonien and Linnäs transferred to Norrköping water AB

• Construction of breakwaters at Kvarnbryggan


• Renovation of Södra Wing hotel rooms
• Renovation of the area between the clubhouse and the castle

• Skandia Tour Riks, Mauritzbergs First national competition, in collaboration with Svenska Golfförbundet
• Installation of Bagskåpsspace for members of the clubhouse
• The course was overthrown
• Asphalt at the Clubhouse
• Installation of payment card unit at the ball dispenser

Resort and Infrastructure
• Four new guest houses, a total of 24 beds, was inaugurated

• Condition for breakwater at Kvarnbryggan
• Installation of new buoys at Slottsbryggan

2010 - 2014


• Renovation of the chapel with the support of the county Administrative Board and the National Heritage Office
• Conversion of the heating system in the castle

• Planting of oak trees on the golf course
• Renovation of irrigation system
• Renovation of machinery.
• Renovation of Driving Range

• Construction of the new promenade


• January, renovation of the kitchen
• April, modernisation of Linnébaren and Mörner
• July, street lighting between the castle and the clubhouse
• October, installation of geothermal heat with 12 extra boreholes

• December, prolongation of the marine state for another 5 years.


• June, Clubhouse and Ebba Grips Bistro inaugurated
• August, the municipality issues final evidence for the golf course construction

• March-April, dredging is carried out in front of the castle and the new “Kvarnbryggan” is built with 10 moorings.
• Design is done by the new promenade.

Resort and infrastructure
• The first pitches for condominiums are sold
• May, 2 new Lodge Villas inaugurated

• New terrace and furniture at Slottsgården, a new combi room 12 in the south wing.


• November, construction of the clubhouse begins

• November, the permit application for the promenade and the additional 10 moorings were submitted.

Resort and infrastructure
• August, construction of VA – the network in collaboration with Norrköping water and neighbors, a total of 150 plots were completed.
• July, detailed plan for Linnäs became final, July 15, 2011, 55 plots
• October, construction of 2 new Lodge Villas began.

•  Reception moved to the castle building, new interior in the north wing, Silver Saloon and lounge, new décor in the linen bar


• June, Driving rank opens.
• July, all 18 holes open for play.
• July, Golf check-in moved to the clubhouse.

• May, Slottsbryggan will be renovating and improving.
• June, Mauritzbergs Slottbrygga becomes an authorized guest harbour
• November, completion of the port plan at the marina and infrastructure routing.

Resort and infrastructure
• June, broadening of public road 893 was completed
• June, future clubhouse refurbished with fiber and webcam
• August, Mauritzbergs VA Association was formed. Construction of VA – the network in collaboration with Norrköping water and neighbors, a total of 150 plots in the area of Linnäs and Kolonien.
• September, cleanup of new plot Area Banérs Road, 33 new plots

• February, the kitchen will be renovated at the castle.
• Summer: The German TV series Inga Lindström was filmed for the second time at Mauritzberg.

2005 - 2009


• May: Hole 10-18 on the golf course is opened for games
• August: New putting Green opens.
• September: Club first Club Championship.
• September: Construction of all 18 holes completed. 

• February: The environmental court gives Mauritzberg AB a clear sign for the construction of the marina, as well as permits for dredging and dumping of dredging masses.
• June: New buoys are built at the castle jetty

Resort and infrastructure
• January: The detailed plan for the colony 46 plots will gain final power.
• July, communal facilities for Ekeblads and Grips Väg are formed.
• September, agreement between the Swedish Road administration and Mauritzberg AB was signed. The road work starts in November 2009 and is expected to be completed in June 2010.

• February, hotel rooms in the south wing are undergoing renovation and new televisions are

• May: All work on holes 10-18 completed
• June: External renovation of future clubhouse completed.
• August: Road system through the golf course completed
• September: All major shafts finished
• September: The spray sowing of slopes and greenopmcouncils, at holes 1-9

• November: Environmental court-main hearing regarding the marina

Resort and infrastructure

• The infrastructure of the plots at Grips Väg was inspected and approved in July 2008. Thus, the plots can now be connected to both the VA-system as well as electricity grids and optokabel.


• The construction of the golf course lasted 2007.
• Golf Digest conducted a design competition for hole 8 and it was submitted over 100 contributions. The winner Albert Sjöberg was visiting and inspected the work before construction starts.
• A unique and extensive work with drainage of fairways was carried out during the summer.
In total, Mauritzberg spent over 800 000 SEK on extra-gutter play areas.
• Irrigation was installed during the month of July and was ready for test driving during the month of August.
• Holes 10 – 18 were prioritied so that they were ready for sowing and torment during the month of October.
• The work on the remaining holes lasted until November and the work resumed in the spring of 2008.
• The infrastructure for the plots in the Briggen quarter was inspected and approved on 7 June 2007. Thus, the plots can now be connected to both the VA-system as well as electricity grids and optokabel. Also the road, parking and the road to the marina were finished and were ordered at the same time.
• The contract for infrastructure construction at Grips Väg was signed in July with SM Entreprenad AB.
• Sales of plots began in April 2007. In 2007, 25 plots were sold. The plots are sold quarterly.
• Supported by the county Administrative Board’s cultural and Civil Engineering unit, the external renovation of Mauritzberg’s old barn was carried out. The works were carried out by Byggnadsfirma Sjöö AB under the auspices of the Cultural Environment Unit. Inside the barn will be rebuilt later with 300 sqm to the premises of the Golf club.
• The permit preparation for the marina lasted during the spring and summer 2007. A number of different investigations are required to apply a marine. The application for permission was submitted to the Water Court on 15 July 2007. The existing castle jetty was equipped with electric cables and fresh water that boat guests can already use.
• The Castle Park was renewed by opening the view to the sea.
• The internal road network was improved by a new, better thoroughgoing to Orre Valla.
• To improve the general 893 to Mauritzberg, a consultant inquiry was produced, which was then discussed at the meeting between the municipality, the national Road Administration and Mauritzberg.

• On 19 June 2006 the Board took the decision to start the exploitation of the Mauritzberg project.
• Mauritzberg AB and Norrköping Water AB signed a contract for municipal water and sewage.
• The main water tap was opened on June 30, 2006.
• The construction of the 18-hole golf course began in July 2006.
• Consultancy agreements were signed in July on the Golf project management, with Golfresort Development AB.
• To lead the golf business, Peter Nyberg, a well-known, knowledgeable and appreciated club director, was engaged in the golf circles.
• The Ministry of the Environment rejected the appeals and the new parts of the detailed plan came into force on 31 August 2006. Thus all 120 houses are located in the area covered by the detailed plan.

• Subdocuments with Lantmäteriet for the formation of a communal facility. Sydkraft Water AB’s contract for the construction of water management is transferred to Norrköpings water AB.
• The municipality decided to also take the sewer to Mauritzberg. The water and sewage pipeline to Mauritzberg began to be built. The detailed planning work with Kolonia and Linnäs began.
• Tommy Rödin finished after 12 years as a hotel and restaurant manager.
• The booking system for the hotel business was renewed.
• The artist Raija Wallenius showed watercolour in the Castle Gallery’s summer exhibition titled “Mauritzberg – Bråvikens bead”.

2000 - 2004

• The building permit for the showroom (Villa Grip) will become final.
• Contract with LB-hus for the construction of the showroom (Villa Grip).
• Contract with SM-Entreprenad AB on the development of municipal technology
To the showroom along with 6 neighboring plots.
• The construction works for the showroom and the golf course start with a consultation meeting.
• Detailed plan for Mauritzberg 2:22 et al. Be appealed to the government.
• Maintenance plan for natural and cultural values at Mauritzberg is completed by Calluna AB, Ecological Knowledge Group.
• With the exception of a block the route, the detailed plan for
Mauritzberg 2:22 et al. By the government in June.
• Final inspection of the display house (Villa Grip).
• The decutting of plots 3:72-3:78, and 3:79-3:87 according to the detailed plan.
• Supporting documents with the county Administrative Board regarding the area in the detailed plan
Not established by the Government.
• Subdocuments with the municipality regarding the recast of the traffic connection
For the residential quarters north of the road.
• Contract with Norrköping’s municipality and WSP on the execution of new detailed plan
For the part of Mauritzberg 3:1.
• Subdocuments with Sydkraft water AB on the construction of water pipes
Between Östra Husby and Mauritzberg.
• Contract with Sydkraft Water AB on the expansion of water management.
Option on the extension of the sewer for the same route.
• Consultation announced for the detailed plan for part of Mauritzberg 3:1.
• The summer exhibition in the Castle Gallery is called “people” with oil painting by Markus Lindmark.

• Recording videotape of Mauritzberg’s history. Narrator: Per-Henrik Brolinson.
• The exhibition “The Future of Mauritzberg” in the gallery.
• Sub-documents with the municipality on the neighbours ‘ appeal of the detailed plan.
• Supporting documents with the county Administrative Board on the appeal of the detailed plan.
• The county administrative Board rejects the appeals.
• The detailed plan is appealed to the government by one of the neighbors.
• New subdocuments with the municipality, the county Administrative Board and the Ministry of Environment.
• Extension of the building permit of the golf course.
• Extension of Road Ordinance decisions on Road to Sebbantorp.
• Planning of showroom for the holiday houses south of the castle.
• Granting temporary building permits for display houses.
• Drafting of contracts for the construction of display houses.

• Garage and warehouse building were completed.
• The planning of the golf course was completed.
• Contract with Nyköping regarding water source in Djupvik.
• Planning permission for the golf course.
• Detailed planning work was completed.
• Municipal consultations on the detailed plan.
• Road Ordinance completed.
• The gallery building laid parquet floors.
• The gallery was built with toilets
• External repairs and painting of the Janiter’s dwelling.
• Initial work for water transfer from Deep Bay
• Summer Exhibition “Guest table” in the gallery.
• Subdocuments with southern force on water.
• The castle got its own weapon

• Application for a building permit for a golf course.
• The renewal of the garage building.
• Detailed planning of the area.
• Planning of golf courses.
• Honoris Causa St. Olof’s Medal of the municipality of Norrköping to Liisa Lipsanen.
• Summer Exhibition “Aarikka” in the gallery.
• Master plan for golf courses.
• Application for Road Ordinance.
• Road Ordinance.


• Renovation of the Janimaster’s dwelling.
• Summer Exhibition “The artist Riitta Nelimarkka” in the gallery.
• 10-year anniversary party led by Liisa Lipsanen.

1995 - 1999

• Restoration and preservation of works of art in the castle with the support of the Swedish National Heritage Board.
• Examination of the chapel with the support of the Swedish link office.
• Installation of new fire alarm system in the castle.
• Measurement drawings of the castle are performed.
• Redecoration of the lunch room.
• Redecoration of the Brå viksroom.
• Additional insulation against the winds of the aircraft.
• Fireproof storage facilities are built in the attic.
• Summer Exhibition “Artist Birgitta Watz” in the gallery.

• Redecoration of public toilets, hallway and entrance.
• The ventilation system is renewed.
• Building permit granted for a new hotel (58 rooms, 104 beds).
• Awning is laid out for the Café Terrace.
• Summer Exhibition “Kalevala Koru” in the gallery.

• Restoration, sealing and painting of the windows of the castle and the wings.
• New locking system installed in the castle.
• Summer Exhibition “Japanese reflexes, Clifton Karhu” in the gallery.
• Feasibility study for long-term business development is done by consultant.

• The regional regulations are adopted by the Government on 29 February 1996.
• Summer Exhibition “Sculptor Birgitta Aras 25th Anniversary” in the gallery.
• The turnover of hotel and restaurant operations has quadrupled since 1992.
• New real Estate investigation.
• Two rooms are merged into the “Ebbas Gemak” suite in the south wing.

• Improvement of walls and roads and bridge within the park.
• New jetty on Stockkistor is built.
• Extensive clearance and new plantings within the park.
• Mauritzberg is known as one of the best conference hotels in Sweden.
• Renovation of the reception.
• In the old Mill building, Café opens.
• Summer Exhibition “Finnish and Swedish painting and glass art” in the gallery.
• The rock heating plant for the castle is installed.

1990 - 1994

• Restoration of the castle facades with the support of the Swedish link office.
• Reconstruction of Slottsgården.
• Reconstruction of the Eastern terrace.
• Lowering of the eastern entrance and rebuilding of the door party at this.
• New furnishing of shower and toilet facilities in the wings.
• New interiors of the guest rooms in the wings.
• Summer Exhibition “Ceramic artist Heljä Liukko-Sundström” in the gallery.
• Mauritzberg is connected to a new treatment plant built in-house.
• Plans to enlarge the kitchen are made up.
• New garbage room is being built.
• Sale of 46 leaseholder.
• New phone and computer system installed.

• The detailed master plan is adopted by the municipality on 28 January 1993.
• The regional provisions are adopted by the municipality on 13 April 1993
• Summer Exhibition “Modern Finnish Graphics” in the gallery.
• New ceiling on the gallery.
• New water tag and new waterline to the castle.

• A test house, later called “Ekohuset”, is built.
• Natural value Inventory of Mauritzberg on behalf of the municipality.
• Rebuilding of the water pipe for the castle.
• Rebuilding of the stall building to gallery.
• 400 Anniversary celebration in August.
• Summer Exhibition “Mauritzberg 400 Years” in the gallery.
• Restaurant and hotel activities start at the castle
• Package travel from Finland begins to be arranged.

• Mauritzberg AB is founded and buys 400 hectares of Mauritzbergs estate.
• The architectural competition for Mauritzberg is decided.
• The agriculture of Mauritzberg is reduced.
• Noble tree plantings and forest planning for Mauritzberg.
• Work with an in-depth master plan begins.
• The contest proposal is processed.
• New tennis court.

• Style Invest Oy buys Mauritzberg Castle.
• The castle is renovated and gets a new interior.
• Nordic architectural Competition for Mauritzberg is announced.
• Nature inventory of the area.
• Archaeological investigation of the area.
• Surveying of Mauritzberg

Kaisa Blomstedt

Kaisa Blomstedt In Memoriam


The Finnish interior designer Kaisa Blomstedt died 2017 in Helsinki at the age of 69 years. During her successful career, she conducted several public and private assignments.

Kaisa Blomstedt is considered to be the interior decorator that has set a permanent imprint in Finnish homes. Through her work and lectures she is also known in international contexts.

Her interior design work can also be seen at Mauritzbergs Slott. She was, since the 1970s, a close friend of the Manor House owner Liisa Lipsanen. Especially in the 2000s, Liisa Lipsanen has relied on Kaisa Blomstedt’s interior style to unite old and new in the manor House’s historic environment.

One of the most prominent assignments was decorating the first model house Villa Grip on the Manor’s plot area 2007. This was followed in 2012 by the transforming of the Manor House’s old barn building into a modern Clubhouse and bistro to the delight of all golfers and other guests. Kaisa Blomstedt’s last assignment at Mauritzberg was to renew the bathrooms and one of the premium rooms in the hotel and to decorate a new bar for the hotel guests, which was completed in the beginning of 2017.

Kaisa Blomstedt will remain a highly appreciated person in Mauritzberg’s history through her way of blowing fresh life into the Manor House’s interior. At Mauritzberg her advice and ideas as well as her cheerful and encouraging personality is missed.

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