Restaurant Silverklippan

Restaurant Silverklippan is the common name for the various food and party lounges in the castle area.

Regardless of whether you are seeking a more intimate dinner or a larger party, there is a historic dining room or party venue that makes it possible to experience something unforgettable. The beauty of Mauritzberg Castle is that the different stages of the event can be played in different environments but still in the same place

Maybe your program would be to serve the welcome drink on the Eastern Terrace, dinner in the Hunter’s room, coffee in the small salon and dance in Bråvikssalen?

Evening menu of the month

All our menus are creatively prepared by carefully selected local ingredients and represent Swedish food art at its best.

The following menu is served from the 10/9.

Mon-, Wed-and Fridays

Spritgraved deer served with sea buckthorn, crystallized manjari, pickled brandy cheese and fried leeks.

Main Course
Fröyalax is served with saffron potato, shellfish sauce, aioli powder, deep-fried capers and asparagus.

Blood orange sorbet is served with vanilla and lemon pannacotta, fizzy, and roasted white chocolate.

Tue-, Thu-, Sat-and Sundays

Cod served with yuzu, apple, cucumber, seaweeds, ginger, black coral and trout roe.

Main Course
Roasted served with smoke, morels, prosciutto, stomp, hazelnuts, carrot, cognac, and morel sauce.

Brownie is served with bahibe, blueberry, crystallized chocolate and black currant.

Price SEK 595 per person
Please choose one of our overnight packages where this menu is included. For more information, please see “Book a hotel”.

Contact us for questions regarding allergens in the food.
We reserve the right for any changes and final sales

Festive menus

Please take a look at our festive menus offered to you who have subscribed to the castle for a wedding or a party.


Restaurant Silverklippan at the Manor House

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