What do you need to consider when building at Mauritzberg?

When you make your investment in quality of life, we make it easy for you through personal service and knowledge of the steps needed to be taken from the day you decide on the purchase to the completion of the home.

Information for the House Owner

The plots at Mauritzberg are moderately large, easy to maintain and the villas are located without direct insight from the neighbors.

The built-up area of the plot must not exceed 150 m². The main building may be constructed on two floors with a wall height of not more than 4.5 metres.

The building rights of the plots are described in the details plan designations and regulations. In questions of building issues, the Building Committee office in the municipality of Norrköping will help you.

We can also provide information on a number of attractive house models, all specially adapted to our plots and to the rules of the detailed plan.

When you buy a plot you get an option for a boat berth at the pier.

All plots are connected to municipal water and sewage networks as well as to electricity, Optic-fibre technology for telephony, broadband and IP-TV.

Connection fee for water and sewage/Norrköping water is added to the plot price.

Infrastructure and Construction

Roads and building permits

Grips Väg and Ekeblads have their own communal facility. There is also a daywater facility.

When it comes to building permits for your house-contact the Building Board office in the City of Norrköping.

Water and sewage

All plots have water and drainage in the front of each empty boundary.
When connecting, contact Norrköping water.

Fiber connection (telephone, IP-TV and broadband)

On Grips and Ekeblad Road there is ready drawn fiber optics to all the plots.

This is also available at Mauritzberg

Berths and sea-sheds

How about a private boat berth, just near the magnificent castle? As a leasehold you have priority to a boat berth at Slottsbryggan.

There are three shacks near Mauritzberg.
1. By Björnö Marina
2. Nävekvarn
3. Arkösund

Bathing places

From Slottsbryggans bathing ladder you can swim in Bråvikens fresh water. The water is two meters deep.

A bathing beach is also available at Stora Bryggansväg. 


Read more about the Manor House´s restaurant on the restaurant page.

Service for plot- and villa owners

Östra Husby is the closest urban settlement, only about 8 minutes drive from the gates of the Manor House.

In Östra Husby you will find:
• An medical center with pharmacy
• One of Östergötlands most well-stocked ICA-Supermarket stores that also offers, between others, a post office.
• Pre school, primary and secondary school
• Gas station
• Pizzeria
• Massage
• Car repair
• Kiosk
• Bus stop with bus line between Norrköping and Arkösund

Some of the many positive comments we usually hear when discovering the area:

Wonderful to discover that there are different service facilities so close.”

“What an incredibly well-stocked ICA store there is, good that it is so close.”

“The pharmacy that is reached in 8 minutes is unique.”

We thank all our partners in Östra Husby.

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