Ebba Grips Bistro, in a modern environment

In Ebba Grips Bistro It is easy to combine a business lunch with a meeting. The big Monitor is a central point in the bistro and can be seen from afar. There are also three smaller screens exposed at strategic points. The superb loudspeaker system also works out on the terrace. You can also cut off parts of the bistro with a drapperi.

There are a total of 70 seats inside plus an additional 40 on the terrace. To concentrate all participants in a meal in one part of the bistro, a maximum of 50 people is recommended.

The Bistro Lounge is ideal for the smaller business meeting and lunch. It can accommodate up to 8 people.

Short facts

Theatre Seating 48 people
Classroom Seating 24 people
U-Table 24 persons

Flip Chart, projector (VGA & HDMI) with canvas, speaker and WLAN.

Pens, blocks, water and fruit.


Daytime conference

A conference for a day

24 hours conference

Conference with overnight stay


We have facilities to suit all parties