Terrace Menu at Slottsgården

Come by and enjoy the summer’s wonderful afternoons, the castle environment and, above all, our Master chef Fredrik and his kitchen special snacks on the castle terrace.

We will be open all summer days (weather permitting) between noon. 14 and 18.

Terrace Menu

Smoked Shrimp (350 gr.) from Finnö fish with accessories SEK 195

Some of Sweden’s best cured meats with sourdough bread and Åland butter 230 kr
Salami (fennel, Longaniza, Coppa, Parmesan & Pepper) and Accessories

Oysters, Yuzu and Bottarga 45 kr/St.

Nephrops (250 gr.), salad, bread and Åland butter SEK 210

Four cheeses, two marmalades and crispbread with sea salt 145 kr


Short Info

All Summer days
on Slottsterrassen
At. 14.00 – 18.00

Terrace menu.

You are equally welcome if you want to enjoy the afternoon and the castle environment with just a drink or drink in your hand.


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